Cosette Elias Ibrahim

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Israeli-occupation forces detained Ibrahim, a Lebanese journalism-school graduate and a freelance reporter who has worked for various newspapers, including the daily Al-Liwaa, in the town of Rumaish in Israeli-occupied south Lebanon. Ibrahim was in Rumaish to visit family; unconfirmed reports suggest that she was also planning to report on the living conditions of people in occupied south Lebanon.

Ibrahim was taken to the Khiam detention facility in Israel’s occupied zone. It is unclear whether she was seized by Israeli soldiers or by members of the Israeli-backed South Lebanon Army.

The motives behind her detention were also unclear. Israeli authorities have accused Ibrahim of collaborating with Hezbollah guerrillas and of providing the Lebanese army with information about Israeli military activities in the region.

Lebanese journalists and local human-rights organizations believe that, like many other residents of the occupied zone, Ibrahim was detained for refusing to collaborate with Israeli forces. Other sources maintain that Israeli authorities took offense at articles she wrote about the situation in south Lebanon.

At year’s end, Ibrahim remained incommunicado in Khiam, where she was being held without charges or other legal formalities.