Carmelo Palacios

Beats Covered:
Local or Foreign:

The body of Palacios, a police reporter for the government-run
DZRB Radyo ng Bayan, was found by the side of a road in Nueva Ecija, about 125 miles
(200 kilometers) north of Manila, early in the morning, according to local news

Investigators said Palacios had been shot elsewhere and that his
assailants had dumped his body, news reports said. They said the journalist,
whose body was severely bruised, had been shot in the face and had a broken
jaw. Police also said his cell phone had been taken, but that some cash
remained in a coin purse he was carrying, the reports said.

Palacios’ colleagues told CPJ that he was a strong investigative
reporter, and the Center for
Media Freedom and Responsibility
said he had reported on corruption before
his death. Rowena Paraan, secretary-general of the National Union of
Journalists, told local reporters that she did not know if Palacios had been

After Palacio’s death, police formed a special task force, “Task Force Palacios,” to
investigate the murder. No arrests have been made.