Bruno Koko Chirambiza

Beats Covered:
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Eight assailants in
civilian clothing attacked Chirambiza, 24, and a friend while they were walking
home from a wedding celebration, according to the local press freedom group
Journaliste en Danger (JED). Stabbed in the chest, the journalist died around
1:30 a.m. after being taken to a local hospital. A presenter of the Swahili
newscast and a host of cultural programs covering music and youth issues, he
had not reported any threats, according to Radio Star News Director Jimmy

Speaking to Radio France
Internationale (RFI) from the capital, Kinshasa,
Congolese Communications Minister Lambert Mende declared that Chirambiza’s
murder was a result of “banditry taking place in this city since the war
began.” The assailants, however, did not steal any of the journalist’s personal
belongings, which included a mobile phone and 5,600 Congolese francs (US$7),
according to Bianga.

In the same interview
with RFI, Mende said the government immediately ordered police and the state
prosecutor to launch an investigation. Local journalists and JED noted that Chirambiza
was buried within hours of his death, without an autopsy. No murder weapon was

One person suspected of
involvement in the attack was lynched by a local mob a few days after the
murder, but no arrests were made, according to local journalists.