Ayat Khadoura

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Ayat Khadoura, a Palestinian freelance journalist and podcast presenter, was killed along with an unknown number of family members in an Israeli airstrike on her home in Beit Lahya in northern Gaza, according to the Beirut-based press freedom group SKeyes, the news website Arabi 21, and London-based Al-Ghad TV. Khadoura shared videos on social media about the situation in Gaza, including a November 6 video, which she called “my last message to the world” where she said, “We had big dreams but our dream now is to be killed in one piece so they know who we are.”

CPJ’s database of journalists killed in the Israel-Gaza war is based on preliminary reporting from the region and will be updated as more information becomes available. You can find a current list of journalist casualties in the war here.