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Barrow's body was found on July 9 on the riverbank of a lagoon near the city of San Pedro Sula, according to news reports. He had been kidnapped from his car on June 24.

Roberto Ramírez, the country's chief prosecutor, said authorities had identified the dismembered and burned body as Barrow's using forensic tests.

National police chief Juan Carlos Bonilla said four people from the "Gordo" criminal group had been detained in the killing and placed in preventive detention, according to press reports. Authorities had arrest warrants for at least three other suspects who were fugitives, according to news reports.

Ramirez said he would not discuss possible motives because the investigation was still ongoing, according to the reports. He did not disclose information about the possible masterminds of the killing.

Barrow's car was intercepted on June 24 by unidentified gunmen in San Pedro Sula, according to news reports. He had been traveling with his daughter-in-law, grandson, and driver. The gunmen took control of the car and subsequently freed all of the passengers except Barrow.

Several hours later, police found the car abandoned in another part of town, with a bullet hole in one door and blood inside, a Globo representative told CPJ. The family did not receive any calls seeking a ransom, according to news reports.

Barrow was the prominent host of a morning talk show on Globo TV called "Aníbal and Nothing More." Local journalists told CPJ that Barrow's program was mostly a commentary show and that he touched on current events, including crime and politics, but didn't do in-depth investigations.

Radio Globo, which is affiliated with Globo TV, has been the target of serious attacks and multiple broadcasting disruptions after reporting critically on the aftermath of the 2009 ouster of President Manuel Zelaya.

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