Anas al-Tarsha

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Al-Tarsha, a videographer who documented unrest in the
besieged city of Homs, was killed
by a mortar round while filming the bombardment of the city’s Qarabees
District, according to news reports. The central city had been under daily
attack for more than three weeks as the Syrian government’s assault on
opposition strongholds escalated in intensity. Al-Tarsha was the fourth media
fatality in Homs within a week.  

The 17-year old videographer regularly filmed clashes and
military movements, and posted the footage on YouTube, news reports and local
activists said. Al-Tarsha, who was also known as “Anas al-Homsi,” had been
interviewed by Arabic broadcasters
for information about fatalities and attacks on the city. His footage appeared
on the sites of citizen news organizations that publish thousands of videos
documenting the violence.

Since the Syrian uprising began in 2011, the government
sought to impose a blackout on independent news coverage. Authorities expelled
or denied entry to dozens of international journalists, CPJ research shows,
prompting international media to use footage shot by citizen journalists such
as al-Tarsha.