Ammar al-Shami

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Ammar al-Shami, a correspondent for the independent regional news website Qasioun News, was killed in a government airstrike in the Marj al-Sultan village of the Eastern Ghouta region outside Damascus, according to a statement on the agency’s Facebook page and the Syrian Journalists Association.

Al-Shami was hit by the airstrike while he was covering clashes between regime and opposition forces who control the area, according to Qasioun News. A series of government airstrikes were launched that day in the Eastern Ghouta region, which killed and wounded civilians, according to Qasioun News and other local outlets.

Qasioun News, which was established in late 2014, covers international events with a focus on Syria. The website publishes reports, videos, and photographs and is available in Arabic, English, and Kurdish.

Qasioun News did not respond to CPJ’s written requests for comment.

Al-Shami was born in the suburbs of Damascus in 1992, according to an article published on the Qasioun News website.