Alireza Rajaee

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Rajaee, a leader of Iran’s Journalists Association and an editor for several reformist publications, was being held at Evin Prison, according to reformist news outlets. He was summoned to serve a previously suspended three-year term that dated to a 2001 case in which he was convicted of “acting against national security.”

While in prison, Rajaee signed a number of letters calling for free elections and protesting detention conditions, which led to new charges of “propagating against the regime,” news reports said. In February 2012, he was sentenced to an additional four years in prison.

Rajaee served as a politics editor and editorial board member for reformist publications including Jame’eh, Iran-e-Farda, Payam-e-Hajar, and Iran Political.

Rajaee was allowed a short furlough on February 16, 2014, according to news reports. He returned to prison in early March 2014, according to the reformist news website Rooz Online.