Aleksandr Smirnov

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Six journalists were killed in Moscow during an October 1993 Communist
hardliner uprising against Russian President Boris Yeltsin, which left
scores of people dead and wounded. One journalist died of a heart
attack during the siege of the Ostankino Television Center.

Yvan Scopan, a cameraman for TF-1 Television Company; Sergei Krasilnikov, a video
engineer for Ostankino Television Company; Rory Peck, a cameraman for the
German ARD Television Company; and Igor Belozyorov, an editor for the
Ostankino State Broadcasting Company were killed in a gun battle
between the hardliners and their supporters and pro-Yeltsin special
forces units over control of Ostankino Television Center. Vladimir
Drobyshev died of a heart attack during the clash.

Aleksandr Sidelnikov, a cameraman for Lennauchfilm Studio in St. Petersburg, and
Aleksandr Smirnov, with the weekly newspaper Molodyozhny Kuryer, were killed at
the Russian Parliament house when President Yeltsin ordered the
military to seize the building.