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Alaa Abdel-Wahab, a sports journalist with the Cairo-based
Al-Baghdadia television station, died from injuries suffered when a bomb exploded
in his car in Mosul, northern Iraq,
The Associated ‎Press reported.

The bomb also wounded Sultan Jerjis, a sports presenter with
the local radio station Al-Rasheed, ‎the Journalistic Freedoms
Observatory, a local freedom watchdog, reported. ‎

Abdel-Wahab and Jerjis, on assignment for a story about the
local Olympic committee, had just finished eating lunch and were getting into
Abdel-Wahab’s car when the bomb exploded, according to AP. The bomb had been
planted in Abdel-Wahab’s car, but it was
not clear why he had been targeted.

Abdel-Wahab, 37, was taken to the city’s main hospital,
where he was pronounced dead. Jerjis suffered minor leg wounds.