Ahmed al-Rubai’i

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Al-Rubai’i, a reporter and editor at the U.S.-backed daily Al-Sabah who
also worked in the media department of the Iraqi National Assembly, was
abducted and apparently murdered by unknown perpetrators in Baghdad.
The circumstances of his abduction and apparent murder are not clear.
No body was found.

Iraqi officials told the journalist’s family that al-Rubai’i had been murdered, colleagues said. The Washington Post reported
on June 6 that “police arrested several members of a criminal gang who
admitted to killing several people. Rubai’i’s press pass was found
among the identity cards in their possession.” The Post said
the detainees told Iraqi police that al-Rubai’i had been beheaded,
although his body was not recovered. CPJ could not corroborate this

The Iraqi National Guard and Interior Ministry told Al-Sabah staffers
that the perpetrators belonged to the militant group Tawhid and Jihad,
and they killed al-Rubai’i because he was a “traitor.” Al-Rubai’i
worked as a reporter for Al-Sabah. He took a second job as a media officer for the National Assembly five months before his death, staff said.