Abu Yezen al-Hamoui

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A sniper believed to be affiliated with the Syrian army
killed al-Hamoui, who was working as a guide for Al-Jazeera journalists in the Wadi
Eldief neighborhood in Hama province, according to a report
by Amr Almanery, an Al-Jazeera correspondent who was present at the time.

Al-Hamoui was taking Al-Jazeera journalists to interview
opposition leaders when the network’s crew came under fire, Almanery said.
Al-Hamoui was hit by gunfire and died shortly after, he said. Rebel soldiers
with the Free Syrian Army intervened to help the team escape the gunfire.

A video broadcast on Al-Jazeera shows the attack
happening in real time. Another
Al-Jazeera video
shows al-Hamoui’s body being
taken away by Al-Jazeera journalists and rebel soldiers after the sniper attack

Al-Hamoui had been a spokesman for the Revolutionary Council,
a Syrian opposition group in Hama, and had documented the conflict in videos
that were posted to YouTube
and picked up by Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya, and local
outlets. Almanery said al-Hamoui had documented a December 23 government attack
on a bakery in Hilfaya
that killed at least 90