Abdirahman Mohamed

Beats Covered:
Local or Foreign:

The decapitated body of Abdirahman, 26, was found near a
restaurant next to Suqa Holaha, a local livestock market, in the Huriwa
District of Mogadishu, local journalists told CPJ. Eyewitnesses said he was
found with his hands tied behind his back and his severed head on his chest,
according to local journalists. Unidentified gunmen had kidnapped him earlier
that day while he was visiting relatives in Mogadishu, the journalists said.

Abdirahman, reporter for the sports news website Ciyaarahamaanta, covered local
sporting matches in the capital, according to news reports. Local journalists
said they were not aware of a reason why Abdirahman would be targeted for his
reporting. Police are investigating the murder, they said.

No group has claimed responsibility for the murder, according
to news