Abdel Aziz Mahmoud Hasoun

Beats Covered:
Local or Foreign:

Hasoun, also known as Qusay Al-Shami, was a correspondent
for the opposition news agency Masar Press. He was killed by a tank shell while
covering clashes between rebel and regime forces in the Damascus suburb of
Jobar, Masar
and local human
rights groups

News reports
said the neighborhood saw heavy clashes and shelling by regime forces that day
as part of a general government
in the Damascus suburbs in the aftermath of the August 21
chemical weapons attack that killed hundreds of civilians.

The Syrian Journalists Association reported that before
joining Masar Press, Hasoun had documented the uprising as a citizen
journalist. Under his pseudonym Qusay al-Shami, Hassoun gave many interviews
to international news
about the latest developments
in the Damascus suburbs.

CPJ found one picture of Hasoun posing with an automatic
weapon, but could not find any evidence he ever used weapons or was carrying
one on the day of his death. Any non-combatant, including journalists, who take
part in hostilities lose their protective status, according to the Geneva