Abdallah Alwan

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Abdallah Alwan, a Palestinian media worker and voice-over specialist who contributed to multiple media outlets including the Al-Jazeera owned platform Midan, Mugtama magazine and Al-Jazeera, and was a radio host for the Islamic University’s Holy Quran Radio, was killed in an Israeli airstrike on his home in Jabalia on December 18, 2023, according to his outlet Midan, the Hamas-affiliated Al-Aqsa Radio, the local Palestinian newspaper Al-Hadath, and Jordan’s Amman-based Roya TV

In his last Facebook post on December 17, Alwan wrote that “On every morning, we say that last night was the worst night in the war… All days are worse than each other. This briefly describes the war.” On November 30, Alwan posted photos of the damage on his home because of Israeli bombing, saying two of his nieces were killed in the strikes. 

CPJ’s database of journalists killed in the Israel-Gaza war is based on preliminary reporting from the region and will be updated as more information becomes available. You can find a current list of journalist casualties in the war here.