Unfinished stories

Families without answers

Lives interrupted

Dozens of journalists around the globe have gone missing since CPJ began keeping records. Cartoonist and columnist Prageeth Eknelygoda in Sri Lanka. Korean reporter Ham Jin Woo in China. Azory Gwanda in Tanzania. Freelance photojournalist Vladjimir Legagneur in Haiti.

In the Middle East alone, at least 20 journalists have gone missing amid widespread armed conflict, particularly in Iraq and Syria.

Families are often left in the dark, without support. Their questions unanswered, they pursue rumors for years in search of their loved ones, and in search of the truth about what happened to them.

They are Missing. Not forgotten.

Lebanese journalist Samir Kassab went missing in Syria in 2013.

Syrian journalist Farhad Hamo went missing in Syria in 2015.

The families and colleagues of these journalists deserve answers. Authorities must undertake thorough and credible investigations, and use every tool at their disposal, to bring these journalists home safely.

Learn more about each of these journalists. Share their stories. Speak up for them and demand answers. #MissingNotForgotten