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Egypt should #FreeAJStaff and other jailed journalists

By Samantha Libby/CPJ Communications Associate on February 27, 2014 11:59 AM ET

Today, on Al-Jazeera's Global Day of Action, the Qatari-based broadcaster is urging Egyptian authorities to release its journalists who have been held behind bars for months. CPJ calls on the Egyptian government to release all of the journalists jailed in the country. At least nine journalists are currently imprisoned in Egypt, four of whom work for Al-Jazeera, according to CPJ research.

The climate of press freedom in Egypt has deteriorated significantly in recent months. At least 60 journalists have been detained since President Mohamed Morsi was ousted in July. Egypt was the third deadliest country for journalists in 2013, according to CPJ research, and appeared for the first time on CPJ's Risk List, which identifies the 10 places where press freedom declined most significantly in the past year.

"The Global Day of Action is about freedom of the press," the broadcaster said. "It is about objective reporting and to ensure journalists cannot be gagged or silenced."

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Al Jazeera was paid by Qatar to support the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
But Egypt is a civilized islamic country and egyptians dont want the violent and oppressive form of islam from the Muslim Brotherhood.
AlJazeera has been doing biased journalism on Egypt for years and now they get the punishment they deserve.
These journalists behaved as whores, paid big money by Qatar to serve the islamist extremist agenda.
Luckily egyptians managed to get rid of the islamists.
Qatar should not go around with their millions to turn other countries into backward countries.

Media is the fourth organ of the state and as long as the freedom of press is not ensured in Egypt, democracy cannot be imagined. Journalists from not only Al Jazeera have been detained but also from othe news agencies. If the State continues to detain journalists in the name of national security or in the name of biased news broadcasting, this will establish a very bad precedent. Slowly State can and will start detaining and abusing the reporters who report crticallly of the government policies and actions or who shows cons of the actions that government takes. We have innumerous such examples where in the name of National Secruity journalists have been arbitrailiy detained in Ethiopia, Yemen, Turkey and multiple other countries.
There are press councils and other such think tank associaltions of journalists and some other civil societies who are concerned with the ethical aspects of journalism and have been imparted with authority to even canel the licence of those who act against journalistic morales and ethical guidelines.
I believe the movement for the feedom of press is in no way wrong and it should go further. The journalists detained need to be released and if any action is to be taken. They need to be charged first with a crime and then a proper channel should be set (throught the press council).
And also detaining two or three Al Jazeera journalist won’t bring any significant change to the way news was being broadcasted, it has more fuelled in the side of Al Jazeera giving them more audiences. A very well solution need to be drawn and in this very point in the history of Egypt, detaining and sobataging and abusing the journalist is surely not a wise thing to do.

Journalists are intent on getting a story,And
Searching for the truth. They have no interest
In spying. What has happened to :Freedom of the press: The regime in EGYPT should free these Journalist now, And let them go about the business of reporting the FACTS,The ARMY
Did a good job of getting rid of the ISLAMISTS, Under MORSI, The Government should
Now concentrate on how to normalise things,rather than detaining ordinary working Journalists. The free WORLD are stood in the wings waiting and watching. Its about time
EGYPT was made Great once more, So how about it GENERAL SISI, FREE AJ STAFF.

Graham. A.K. Penfold March 4, 2014 5:04:55 AM ET

Journalists are not the enemy of anybody but they are always the voice of voiceless, so because of this reason the suppose to have full mandate to operate without any interpretation, Therefore, in strong tearm i would like the Egyptian Government to release all the Journalists that are under detection since last year.

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