Chinese bloggers often go missing

By Watson Meng on May 1, 2009 12:02 PM ET

CPJ's ranking is helpful in that it makes the world pay attention to countries that censor the Internet. I do not know much about other countries, but I know about China. I believe that the outside world (as well as people within China) cannot actually know how many people are jailed because of Internet speech. The successful cover-up of this information makes China's rank lower than it should be, but coming in at number eight regardless indicates how bad the situation is.

Since January, my Web site, Boxun News, has lost contact with at least two reporters--their phones are disconnected and nobody is home when we've gone to check on them--and another reporter was arrested when she showed up at a protest on March 5.

Boxun also recently released a report showing that many provinces have begun to arrest and harass more Internet users by tracking IP addresses in the past few months.

Watson Meng is the founding editor of U.S.-based independent Web site Boxun News.


Censorship, has been upon us for centuries.
Maybe the earliest that directly has afeected Western culture, would have been the exclusion of many of the "book" that should have been in The Bible. The individual or group of conspirators that made this omnipotent decision, took it upon themselves to decide which subject matter was "appropriate" for us to read. To decide relevance,then "ban" portions of the big picture, is to destroy the picture. A small corner of any photo may expose the entire meaning to the photo. I would say any entity, that alters, hides, or destroys the picture, or censors the critique of that picture, is surely as guilty as sin of wrong doing. God's justice can not be censored. Nor intimidated to a point of submission. I am Honored to be a Citizen of the USA. The Founding fathers had great combined wisdom, ans a knack to achieve agreement, or consensus, amongst great minds,(not easy). That is what "United" means. We, as a Nation, must remember that we live in a "Republic". We have democracy as an ideal, but it can not be the template, as the real time pin pointing of every democratic ideal is impossible.We must not let the Current Executive, Legislative, and Judicicial branches of OUR government destroy this Republic that has worked great for the past 233 years. Without checks and balances, corruption and special interest will overwelm the republic and you will be living in one of these fascist states that Censor at will. We know that what we say on the internet and elsewhere is monitored. You are naive if you believe otherwise. That is not a problem, as it keeps the freaks from planning hateful acts. Our right to speak our minds is a citizens greatest weapon. One voice is nothing muttering to itself, but conversing with 3 others ,who each speak to 3 others rapidly becomes a force to be reckoned with. Do not quit talking, questioning, listening, thinking. An abrupt alteration of our governmental structure and national objective is rapidly being shoved down our throats. Socialism, even when introduced by a false messiah, will not work. never has. Read up on it's history of implementation by this planet's sovereign states or Nations. You will see, human corruption, enhanced by absolute power/judgement has caused failure of all of these bodys, while causing great loss , and loss of liberty to it's citizens.
Do not let it happen here.
Fight for what is Right.

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