Zerihun Tesfaye/CPJ Guest Blogger

Zerihun Tesfaye is an Ethiopian journalist and human right activist living in exile. He has worked in exile as a correspondent for Deutsche Welle, Germany's public news organization, and as an editor of Addis Neger Online. Zerihun has also worked as a political and economic commentator for the Ethiopian weekly Amharic-language newspapers Feteh, Addis Neger, Le'elena, Addis Times, and Negadrass. Since fleeing Ethiopia in 2009, in addition to his journalism activities, Zerihun has been working on providing and translating digital security materials to journalists and human right activists in Ethiopia. He is a 2011 recipient of a Hellman/Hammett Award from Human Rights Watch.

The dangerous neighborhood of Eastleigh is home to some exiled journalists. (AP)

Exiled journalists in risky places need helping hand

It was well past mid-day in Eastleigh, a shanty district on the east side of Nairobi, Kenya. The billows of dust rising from the rock-scarred road showed a government that had long lost interest in the neighborhood. A young man, struggling with horribly dry conditions, was fighting with his patrons. “Welahi, today’s khat is so…

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