Terry Anderson/CPJ Honorary Chairman

Terry Anderson is the honorary chairman of the Committee to Protect Journalists. A former foreign correspondent for The Associated Press, Anderson was held hostage for seven years by Shiite Hezbollah partisans attempting to drive the United States from Lebanon during the Lebanese civil war. He is the author of the bestseller Den of Lions, an account of his years as a hostage.

US ‘no-negotiation’ hostage policy should be changed

Thirty years ago, when I was snatched off the street in Beirut by radical Shiites calling themselves “Islamic Jihad,” the world took my plight and that of other Westerners kidnapped in Lebanon’s long war to heart. During the nearly seven years I was held, countless demonstrations were staged on our behalf by churches, journalists, hometowns…

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Isik Yurtçu

Isik Yurtçu and Turkey’s stubborn lack of press freedom

The Committee to Protect Journalists is saddened by the death of Isik Yurtçu, who died Saturday in Istanbul of cancer at the age of 67. In July of 1997, a bus full of international and Turkish journalists pulled up to the plain iron gate of Sakarya Prison east of Istanbul. Cameras rolling, representatives of CPJ,…

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