Sky Canaves/CPJ East Asia and Internet Consultant

Sky Canaves is CPJ’s East Asia and Internet Consultant based in Hong Kong. She lectures at the University of Hong Kong on media law and ethics, Chinese media studies, and reporting on China. Previously, Sky reported and blogged for The Wall Street Journal from Beijing and Hong Kong. She has also reported for Bloomberg News and the Financial Times.

A new set of media regulations in China is attempting to control the growing influence of social media users. (AFP)

China’s new rules step up state control of reporting

China’s latest media regulations, issued Thursday in a bid to take some steam out of microblogs that increasingly drive the country’s news agenda, signal an increased role for the state in drafting and enforcing press standards.

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It's not clear whether Beijing will require licensing of social media sites or users to register under their real names. (Reuters)

Planning the next steps in Chinese media control

In the latest sign of increasing pressure on Chinese companies to tighten control of the Internet, Chinese authorities convened an unusual seminar in Beijing for senior executives of 39 major enterprises involved in Internet services, technology and telecommunications.

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