Can Dündar, co-founder, editor-in-chief, Özgürüz

Can Dündar is editor-in-chief of Özgürüz ("We are free"), which he co-founded after going into exile in 2016. As editor-in-chief of the Turkish opposition daily newspaper Cumhuriyet, he spent 92 days in pretrial detention on charges related to the newspaper's publication in 2015 of an article alleging Turkey's intelligence agency was arming Syrian rebels under cover of humanitarian aid. He still faces multiple criminal charges in Turkey for his journalistic work. The Committee to Protect Journalists honored him with its International Press Freedom Award in November 2016.

Can Dündar in Berlin, November 4, 2016 (Reuters/Axel Schmidt)

Turkish media in exile? Think again

Freedom is like air or water: something you appreciate only when it’s gone. Freedom for Turkish journalists was never as abundant as air or water–but nor was it ever as scarce as it has become in the last year.

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