Borja Bergareche/CPJ Europe Consultant

Borja Bergareche is a Spanish-based news executive and former Europe correspondent for CPJ who still advises the organization.

Groups call for EU action against mass surveillance

Recent revelations of American and British mass surveillance of digital communications have triggered an intense mobilization of European free speech and civil liberties organizations, which have launched an online petition calling on leaders of the European Union to halt the practice. The #dontspyonme campaign was presented by Index on Censorship, an independent, British, free speech…

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The long shadow of Spanish politics over public media

A recent wave of personnel changes at Spanish state-owned broadcaster Radio Televisión Española (RTVE) has raised concerns about political and ideological influence, with many fearing that journalists closer to the current conservative government are being promoted at the expense of those with alleged progressive views. It is the latest controversy in a long debate about…

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The judicial Law Lords await the Queen's speech to lawmakers in London May 9, when libel reform was part of the government legislative agenda introduced by the monarch. (Reuters/Alastair Grant)

UK set for historic libel reform

New libel legislation proposed by the British government has been met with general approval by reform campaigners, who will now train their sights on further strengthening some aspects of the bill during the parliamentary process.

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Exiled Cuban journalist speaks at Spain ‘Attacks’ launch

The utility company had just cut off the electricity supply to his house. Darkness and shadows were back in Alejandro Gonzalez Raga’s life. His rented apartment in Madrid–shared with his wife, siblings, and in-laws–was as devoid of light as the Cuban cells in which he was jailed for five years after Castro´s “Ofensiva 2” operation…

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