Alia Ahmed/Guest Blogger

Alia Ahmed, a former intern in CPJ's Journalist Assistance program, is a journalist based in Karachi, Pakistan. She has lived and studied in the United States, South Africa, Lebanon, Pakistan, and France.

Pakistani residents stand on their property which is surrounded by flood waters in Sindh province. (AP)

For Pakistani journalists, flood coverage poses challenges

As most of the nation lay paralyzed and submerged in flood water, Pakistani journalists traveled in four-wheel drives and rickety boats to bring tidings from some of the hardest hit areas of the country. The Pakistani Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) compiled a list of journalists directly affected by the flood, many of whom had…

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A mother and her daughter stand in flood waters in Badin district, northeast of Karachi (AP /Pervez Anjum)

Pakistani union appeals for flood-affected journalists

The Pakistani Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) is appealing to the international community, media workers, and human rights organizations to support journalists affected by the worst flooding in Pakistan’s history. PFUJ has compiles a list of some 230 affected journalists, citing at least 213 who have had their homes washed away in the floodwaters, and journalist Asma…

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YouTube wants your input on barriers to Internet freedom

In an age of widespread online journalism, Internet users worldwide are exposed to stories, footage, and leaks that probably would have gone unpublished in the print age. In response, YouTube has opened up the floor to commentary on the current condition of online freedom of expression. They’re calling on all Internet users, bloggers, and activists to submit…

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Punjab Assembly condemns—then praises—media

Pakistan’s spirited press is once again caught up in arms over the latest and most absurd attempt to discredit its voice. On Sunday, various journalist organizations in Larkana, Sindh province, followed in the recent footsteps of their colleagues in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi and observed a “black day” of protest, according to Pakistan’s The News.

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