A police car is seen in Guararema, Brazil, on April 4, 2019. Radio reporter Francisco José Jorge de Sousa's home was recently bombed in Ipu, Ceará state. (Reuters/Amanda Perobelli)

Brazilian journalist's home attacked with home-made bomb

July 2, 2019 8:50 AM ET

In the early morning of June 23, 2019, a small improvised bomb exploded at the home of Brazilian radio reporter Francisco José Jorge de Sousa in Ipu, Ceará state, the journalist told CPJ via phone. No one was injured in the explosion, de Sousa said.

The incident follows several other bombings and vandalism attacks in the small town in Brazil's northeast, in which similar explosives have detonated at homes throughout the town and unknown individuals have thrown rocks at homes, according to news reports. No one has been injured in the attacks, according to those reports.

De Souza covered the bombings and vandalism for local radio station Rádio Regional de Ipu AM 1520 and called on police to investigate, after which his own home was attacked, he told CPJ.

The attacker left gloves behind at de Souza's home following the attack, which identified the individual as "Evil Tarzan" and included the image of Roy Mustang, a Japanese anime character, according to regional newspaper Diario do Nordeste. The attacker also made loud screams while fleeing the scene of the bombing, according to the newspaper.

A spokesperson from the Ipu police told CPJ that the force is aware of the incidents but has not opened an investigation, citing a lack of resources.

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