Saudi Arabia arrests journalist on unknown charges

March 15, 2019 12:00 AM ET

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Journalists in Abuja gather at a press briefing at the Civil Society Situation Room, which collected information from thousands of election observers, including on attacks against the press. (Jonathan Rozen/CPJ)

In Saudi Arabia, journalist Zuhair Kutbi was arrested on unknown charges, and Eman Al Nafjan and Hatoon al-Fassi, two of the four female journalists critical of the ban on women driving whom Saudi authorities arrested last year, were tried. They appeared in court Wednesday on charges under the cybercrime law, including supporting "hostile elements."

In Nigeria, journalists were detained, harassed, and assaulted during state elections on March 9.

CPJ's China correspondent, Iris Hsu, explores how, by making little to no information available to the public about imprisoned journalists, Chinese authorities are better able to avoid being held to account for their actions against the press.

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At least 1,337 journalists have been killed while covering the news since 1992. Their names form 'The Last Column' logo. (Last Column/CPJ)

This week CPJ launched "The Last Column," a book and digital campaign that highlights the human cost of reporting the news. The book collects the final works of 24 journalists killed in connection to their work, and includes videos and a podcast.

The project also ties into CPJ's Global Campaign Against Impunity, which advocates for justice and an end to the impunity endemic to murders of journalists. Learn more about the project in Time and Al Jazeera. Join the conversation using the hashtag #LastColumn.

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