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Journalist Achola Rosario of Uganda's The Independent magazine faces off with police at a May 2013 protest over the closure of local news outlets, including The Daily Monitor, Kfm, and Red Pepper. (Edward Echwalu)

Governments' capacity to store transactional data and the content of communications poses a unique threat to journalism in the digital age.

The scope of the National Security Agency's digital surveillance raises doubts about the U.S. commitment to freedom of expression online.

Nations at Risk
Surveillance, restrictive Internet legislation, and cyberattacks compel CPJ to add cyberspace to the list of places trending in the wrong direction.
Media and Markets
The recent financial meltdown should be treated as a lesson on the importance of information transparency and the crucial role of a free press.

Eliminating witnesses has become an all too easy and effective method of stymying justice when journalists are assassinated.

Calls for journalists to exercise a sense of responsibility are very often code for censorship. Yet unethical journalism can also imperil the press.

Global Development
Economists and political scientists acknowledge that journalism is vital to development and democracy.

Coverage of rape can bring journalists swift and unpredictable repercussions, but it can also change attitudes.

Deaths Year by Year

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Imprisoned Year by Year

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