Interactive Timeline: 12 months of impunity at a glance

In December 2012, the Committee to Protect Journalists and 27 partner organizations launched Speak Justice: Voices against Impunity as part of an international effort to seek justice for the hundreds of journalists who have been murdered around the world. Today, on International Day to End Impunity, we are taking a look back at what has happened over the last 12 months.

In this interactive timeline, you will see details about the 18 journalists murdered over the past year–a brutal step backward. You will also find several convictions and a historical discussion at the UN Security Council on journalist safety and the issue of impunity–all encouraging progress toward justice. Scroll and click through the timeline to learn more about how our campaign fared during the year.

On November 23, four years ago, 32 journalists and media workers were among the 58 victims of the Maguindanao massacre in the Philippines. To date, 104 people have been accused and 95 people have been indicted as part of the Maguindanao case. No one has been convicted yet.