In Guinea, two journalists detained by police

Police in Conakry, the capital, briefly detained two journalists on August 31, 2012, while they were interviewing protesters demonstrating against a massacre of villagers by security forces on August 3, 2012.

Emmanuel Millimono, a reporter for the private radio station Soleil FM, and Aissata Diakité, a reporter for Espace FM radio, were taken to a police bus, where they were detained for almost an hour, Diakité told CPJ. She also said they had identified themselves as journalists to the police. Police seized their belongings but returned them to the journalists when they were released, she said. 

In early August 2012, security forces killed several villagers in the Zogota district of Guinea’s southeastern N’Zérékoré forested region, according to news reports. The forces were sent in to suppress protests in which villagers demanded preference in employment sought by a Brazilian mining company located nearby, the reports said.