Journalists run for cover during a bombing raid in Ras Lanuf, Libya. (Reuters/Paul Conroy)

Trade and the Internet are turning us into global citizens, but the news we need to ensure accountability is often stopped at national borders. China is ramping up censorship, Iran is jailing dozens of journalists, and Turkey is using nationalist laws to stifle critical reporting. In Mexico criminals are dictating the news, while in Pakistan shadowy agents are attacking investigative reporters. Attacks on the Press analyzes press conditions and documents new dangers in dozens of countries worldwide.

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Multimedia: The Year in Photos

Photographers from The Associated Press, Reuters, Agence France-Presse, and other news outlets documented historic events in 2011, often at great peril. The Year in Photographs: Press Freedom in 2011 features images from the Arab uprisings, South Asia’s armed conflicts, and political repression in the Americas, Africa, and Europe.

Sexual assault
Sexual violence against journalists is discussed more openly, but few concrete changes have been made.

Journalist Security
Coverage of street protests grows ever risky. The journalist security field also confronts sexual violence, organized crime, and digital vulnerability.

Journalists Killed
Murders decline, but fatalities rise during coverage of protests. Photographers and freelancers pay an especially high price.


The enemies of free speech are monitoring journalists, filtering online content, and attacking news websites.


Abolishing Censorship

Trade, communication make us global citizens. But essential information often stops at national borders.

Internet Freedom

Internet ‘Crime’ Laws

Cybercrime laws are being broadened to criminalize standard journalistic practices.


Fighting Impunity

Pledges from government leaders offer hope, but the campaign against impunity will be long and difficult.

Why does one report potentially dangerous news? The International Press Freedom Awardees explain.

Journalists in Prison
Iran is the world’s worst jailer of the press. Detentions rise in the Middle East and North Africa.

Deaths in 2011 by Type

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15% Crossfire/Combat
39% Dangerous Assignment
46% Murder

Imprisoned Year by Year

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