Safety advisories for journalists covering Libya

The Libyan conflict is the most recent in a string of dangerous international stories. Several journalists are missing. A BBC crew was detained and subjected to beatings and a mock execution. TV crews report having their equipment seized. The Europe-based International News Safety Institute, a consortium of news organizations and journalist groups including CPJ, is monitoring the evolving security conditions and issuing timely advisories

“The counter-attack into areas of Libya held by opposition forces has intensified with troops loyal to [ruler Muammar Qaddafi] bombarding the east of the country from the air, land and sea. Heavy fighting has been reported in Ras Lanuf,” INSI warns in the advisory issued today.

“Journalists in east Libya are reporting an increased anger on the part of the insurgents at the international community’s inaction,” the advisory goes on to say. “News crews should be aware that there is the possibility that this antipathy might be targeted towards them. They should also note that if the government does retake the area to the east of the country, there may be repercussions for journalists who are working there without the permission of authorities. Therefore all news crews should have an exit plan.”

Reporters, photographers, Journalists are invited to monitor INSI’s safety advisories.