Petitioners urge Azerbaijan to free Eynulla Fatullayev

January 20, 2010

His Excellency Ilham Aliyev
President of Azerbaijan
19 Istiqlaliyyat Street

370066, Azerbaijan

Hand-delivered to Charge d’Affaires Khazar Ibrahim at the Azerbaijani Embassy in Washington
Also via facsimile: +994 12 492 0625 and 
+994 12 492 3543

Your Excellency,

The Committee to Protect Journalists urges you to open a new page in your government’s policies toward the independent and opposition press, one that would demonstrate tolerance for the critical role of media in a democracy. No other action would contribute to this goal as much as the immediate release of Eynulla Fatullayev, editor of the now-closed independent Russian-language weekly Realny Azerbaijan and the Azeri-language daily Gündalik Azarbaycan, who has been imprisoned since April 2007 on charges that range from defamation to terrorism.

Our research shows that the charges were not based on factual evidence and were pursued, instead, to retaliate against Fatullayev and silence his critical journalism.

The persecution of Fatullayev began after he wrote an article marking the second anniversary of the March 2005 murder of his former editor and mentor Elmar Huseynov. The piece, published in Realny Azerbaijan and headlined “Lead and Roses,” accused Azerbaijani authorities of deliberately obstructing the investigation into Huseynov’s killing, and ignoring evidence that could lead to the masterminds. Fatullayev said the assassination was carried out by a criminal group that included several Georgian citizens who had been hired by an unnamed official in Baku. Although Azerbaijani officials publicly claimed to be seeking Georgian citizens in the case, Fatullayev wrote that they had not provided authorities in Georgia with arrest warrants or supporting evidence. Huseynov’s killing remains unsolved.

Four days after Fatullayev’s piece was published, on March 6, 2007, his mother received an anonymous phone call. As a “wise woman,” the caller said, she should “talk sense” into her son or “we will send him to Elmar.” Fatullayev reported the threat to police, but it was he who came under intense investigation.

In April 2007, a Yasamal District Court judge convicted Fatullayev of defaming Azerbaijanis in an Internet posting that was falsely attributed to him. The posting, published on several Web sites, said Azerbaijanis bore some responsibility for the 1992 killings of residents of the restive Nagorno-Karabakh region, according to local news reports. Fatullayev was sentenced to a 30-month term and taken into custody immediately. With Fatullayev jailed, authorities evicted Realny Azerbaijan and Gündalik Azarbaycan from their Baku offices, citing purported fire safety and building code violations. Both soon stopped publishing.

More charges followed against Fatullayev. In October 2007, a judge in the Azerbaijani Court of Serious Crimes found Fatullayev guilty of terrorism, incitement to ethnic hatred, and tax evasion. Fatullayev’s sentences were consolidated, and he was ordered to serve a total of eight years and six months in prison.

The terrorism and incitement charges stemmed from a Realny Azerbaijan commentary headlined “The Aliyevs Go to War,” which analyzed possible consequences for Azerbaijan if the United States were to wage war with Iran. The piece sharply criticized your foreign policy. Although Fatullayev’s article was similar to many others published on the subject, only Fatullayev was charged and tried. The indictment alleged that international business people and diplomats had complained about the story, claiming to have been “frightened” by it. Yet no such witnesses ever testified in court, according to trial monitors. The tax case was filed after Fatullayev was jailed on other charges and his newspapers had been ousted from their offices, making it impossible to collect the records needed to mount a defense.

The Supreme Court of Azerbaijan denied Fatullayev’s appeal in June 2008, ending domestic legal avenues. Fatullayev appealed to the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights, which began reviewing the case in September 2008. The case is pending.

In a very disturbing development, authorities with the Azerbaijani Penitentiary Service searched Fatullayev’s cell on December 29, 2009, and claimed to have found 0.22 grams of heroin. Fatullayev, who was charged with drug possession and moved into isolation, has denied possessing any drugs. Based on Fatullayev’s account, as relayed to us by his attorney, and based on the government’s long record of persecuting the editor, CPJ believes this new drug charge to be fabricated.

The timing of the new charge points to manipulation. The charge was filed as the European Court was expected to set a hearing date in Fatullayev’s case. The journalist’s supporters believe this new charge was trumped up to ensure Fatullayev would remain in jail no matter what the European Court found. The drug possession charge could bring up to three years in prison.

Our research shows that Fatullayev has committed no criminal offense, and that he is being persecuted in reprisal for reporting that challenged the official investigation into Huseynov’s unsolved murder. In November 2009, the Committee to Protect Journalists recognized Fatullayev’s courageous journalism by awarding him one of our International Press Freedom Awards. Hundreds of international journalists gathered to honor him and sign petitions seeking his release. You will find their names below.

We were relieved to hear of the December 26, 2009, release on humanitarian grounds of Bizim Yol reporter Mushfig Huseynov, whose health had deteriorated in state custody. We call upon Your Excellency to build on this positive step and to free Eynulla Fatullayev. Releasing our unjustly imprisoned colleague will reflect your commitment to the rule of law and to a just and tolerant democratic society.


Joel Simon
Executive Director

Paul Steiger
Chairman, Committee to Protect Journalists



Mohamed Abdel Dayem

Mustafa Haji Abdinur

Ingrid Abromovitch

Marguerite Adams

Steve Adler

Paige Alexander

Dave Allen

Ron Allen

Marcia Allina

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