Philippine massacre among worst for journalists

The toll in the brutal, election-related killings in Maguindanao province, Philippines, was still being determined tonight. Several journalists were believed to be among the dead, making the massacre one of the deadliest single events for the press in memory. Here are some other deadly episodes as recorded by CPJ:

–On October 12, 2006, eleven employees of Al-Shaabiya television were killed in an attack at the station’s Baghdad studios. Five of the victims were journalists, and six were media support workers.

–On November 19, 1997, five journalists for Eenadu Television, or E-TV, were killed by a car bomb while on assignment in Hyderabad, India.

— On October 3, 1993, four journalists died during a gun battle between Communist hardliners and Russian special forces over control of Ostankino Television Center in Moscow. (Two others died during fighting at parliament on October 3 and 4, 1993.)

–As many as three journalists were killed in several other episodes, the most notable coming on May 8, 1999, when a NATO airstrike hit the Chinese Embassy.

CPJ has maintained detailed records of journalist deaths since 1992. Our full database is here.