CNN’S Lou Dobbs threatened; shot fired at home

On October 26, 2009, CNN anchor Lou Dobbs announced on the air that a shot had been fired at his home while his wife and her driver were standing outside in the driveway. Dobbs made the announcement on CNN and his syndicated radio program, saying the gunshot struck his home about three weeks earlier as his wife was standing outside. He said on the broadcasts that he had long received threatening phone calls, but noted that he had decided not to report the calls to police.

“It’s become a way of life, the anger, the hate, the vitriol,” Dobbs said on his radio show. “But it’s taken a different tone, where they’ve threatened my wife, they’ve now fired a shot at my house while my wife was standing next to the car.” 

New Jersey State Police said they believe the gunshot that hit Dobbs’ home was likely fired by a hunter, according to the New York Post. “At this time of year, hunter complaints go up,” Sgt. Stephen Jones told the Post.