Press freedom in the news 12/19/08

Making news today is yesterday’s release of our year-end analysis of the deadliest countries for journalists. The report found that 41 journalists were killed for their work in 2008, with Iraq named the most deadly for the sixth straight year. The Associated Press, Reuters, and Agence France-Presse all ran stories outlining the report’s findings yesterday. Today the story is receiving widespread coverage in both the English and Spanish-language press. 

The Philippine news Web site GMA News, the U.K.’s In The News, and CNN all have reports on the year-end summary.
In the Spanish-language press, the Uruguay-based newspaper ABC Color is running EFE‘s wire story, Mexico’s El Financiero, and the Venezuelan newspapers El Nacional and El Carabobeño all have coverage of the report, focusing especially on the numbers in Mexico.
In other foreign coverage, the Russian-language Gazeta Web site has coverage of the report with a focus on Russia’s two confirmed deaths as well the local implementation of CPJ’s Global Campaign Against Impunity.