Press freedom in the news 10/24/08

The deaths of two Croatian journalists, killed when a bomb exploded beneath their car Thursday in Zagreb, is getting extensive coverage across the region today. 

CPJ called for a full investigation into the deaths of Ivo Pukanic, owner and editorial director, and Niko Franjic, marketing director for the Croatian newspaper NacionalAgence France Press has coverage of the incident, and the English-language Southeast European Times also has the story online today. Other local language outlets covering the story included the Bosnian-based papers Vijesti and Dnevni Avaz, along with the Croatian News Agency, the daily Dnevnik, and SEEbiz. The story was also covered by the Spanish-language EuropaPress.

Also making news today are ongoing protests surrounding the case of Brad Will, a documentary filmmaker killed in Mexico in October 2007. The New York Times’ City Room blog has a post about those protesting the Mexican government’s decision to indict three protestors in Will’s death. A group of protestors has been outside Sen. Hilary Clinton’s New York City office for past three days calling for a meeting and further investigation into the case.