Press Freedom Awardees draw attention

We announced the 2008 International Press Freedom Award recipients on Tuesday, and the news has been well-received worldwide. Bilal Hussein of Iraq, Danish Karokhel and Farida Nekzad of Afghanistan, Andrew Mwenda of Uganda, and Héctor Maseda Gutiérrez of Cuba will all be honored by CPJ on November 25 for their courageous work. Beatrice Mtetewa, of Zimbabwe will also be honored with CPJ’s Burton Benjamin Award for her long service to the field of journalism.

The majority of the regional coverage came from Africa and Cuba where news outlets were keen to celebrate their colleagues’ achievements. The Association of Zimbabwe JournalistsThe Zimbabweanand the Web site Radio VOP all had coverage of Mtetwa’s award and wrote of her importance to the Zimbabwean press. Uganda’s The Independent led with the news of Andrew Mwenda being honored by CPJ in November.

News that imprisoned Cuban journalist Hector Maseda Gutierrez would be an awardee in 2008 drew widespread coverage in the Spanish-language press. EFE and AP en Español both ran stories about Maseda and the other award winners. The Web sites PRNoticiasEl Nueveo HeraldEl Comercioand cubaencuentro all had coverage of Maseda. Yahoo Noticas re-ran the EFE news story on Maseda and the IPFA.

Additionally, CPJ staff has spoken about our awardees to the Spanish- and French-language services of Voice of America, as well as Radio Marti.