News Wrap for 8/15/08

The Miami Herald is covering news out of Colombia that TV network Telesur has again been accused of having ties to FARC rebels. A journalist for the network has been fingered by the government after his name was allegedly found on confiscated FARC computers. CPJ is quoted in the story: ”The fact that Parra’s name has supposedly been found on a FARC computer is not proof of any wrongdoing,” said Americas Senior Program Coordinator Carlos Lauría. The Olympian in Washington is also running this story today.

AllAfrica has republished our alert on the disappearance of prominent Egyptian editor, Reda Halal, who vanished on his way home from work five years ago in Cairo. There has been no progress made in the case, and CPJ’s repeated calls to the Egyptian government have been largely ignored. For more, read our special report on Reda Helal: “The Forgotten Man.”

Lastly this morning, Islam has a story about the continued targeting of media in Iraq that cites our numbers of at least 130 journalists and 50 media workers killed since 2003.