News Wrap for 8/11/08

On The Huffington Post this morning, Magda Abu-Fadil has a blog entry that closely examines the situation for journalists in Mauritania and mentions our alert on the bloodless coup and how it might affect the domestic media.

Also this morning, the Web site The Editors Weblog has a short article about censorship in Dagestan, where we reported on a local editor being accused of “extremism” for publishing a quote by a former guerrilla leader in the independent weekly newspaper Chernovik.

And in news out of China, England’s Times Online is running an article that questions whether the Chinese media is censoring the press in regards to the death of American tourist Todd Bachman.

Over the weekend, The Associated Press reported that Philippine journalist Dennis Cuesta died from the gunshot wounds sustained in an attack early last week. This sad development, coupled with last week’s shooting death of Martin Roxas, a collegie of Cuesta’s, is the focus of a story in the Sunday edition of The International Herald Tribune.