MARCH 22, 2005
Posted: March 23, 2005

Ahmed Suleyman Dhuhul, Radio Hargeisa
Hoodo Axmed Qarbooshe, Radio Hargeisa


Dhuhul and Qarbooshe, reporters for government-owned Radio Hargeisa in the self-declared republic of Somaliland, were fired from their jobs after they were accused of working for Horyaal Radio, a pro-opposition station based in the United Kingdom. Horyaal had begun broadcasting into Somaliland via shortwave and Internet only days earlier, according to CPJ sources.

Dhuhul was detained overnight by Somaliland authorities before being released without charge. Qarbooshe was arrested the following day and held for several hours, also without charge.

According to Horyaal’s Web site,, the Somaliland Information Ministry accused the station of being “illegal, clandestine radio.” Private radio stations are banned in Somaliland, which declared independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991 but is still seeking international recognition.