Seymur Hazi

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Law enforcement officers detain a protester in Baku, Azerbaijan, on October 19, 2019. Police detained journalist Seymur Hazi in the run-up to the protests. (Reuters/Aziz Karimov)

Azerbaijani journalist Seymur Hazi detained in run-up to protests

New York, October 21, 2019 — Azerbaijani authorities should immediately release journalist Seymur Hazi, drop any charges against him, and allow him to report freely and safely, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today.

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Azerbaijan continues press crackdown with jail term and arrest extension

New York, January 29, 2015–The Committee to Protect Journalists calls on Azerbaijani authorities to end their crackdown on the press after a five-year sentence was handed to reporter Seymur Hazi, according to news reports. The pre-trial detention of investigative reporter Khadija Ismayilova was also extended this week, news reports said.

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Azerbaijan jails yet another critical reporter

New York, October 30, 2014–A court in Azerbaijan today sentenced Khalid Garayev, a reporter for the embattled opposition newspaper Azadliq and the technical director of “Azerbaijani Hour,” Azadliq’s online TV program, to almost a month in prison on charges of hooliganism and disobeying the police, according to news reports.

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