Minas Gerais

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The city of Sete Lagoas, Brazil, is shown in a Feb. 4, 2014 photo. A radio journalist's home was attacked in a drive-by shooting on April 9, 2020, in the city. (AP Photo/Bruno Magalhaes)

Gunman attacks Brazilian radio journalist Vamberto Teixeira’s home in Sete Lagoas

Rio de Janeiro, April 15, 2020 — Brazilian authorities must swiftly and thoroughly investigate a shooting attack on radio journalist Vamberto Teixeira’s house and hold the perpetrators to account, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today.

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Reporter threatened, home attacked in southern Brazil

São Paulo, August 18, 2018–The Committee to Protect Journalists today condemned an attack on Brazilian reporter Adenilson Miguel and called on police in the country’s Minas Gerais state to ensure Miguel’s safety and identify those responsible and bring them to justice.

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Brazilian blogger found decapitated in Minas Gerais state

New York, May 20, 2015–Brazilian authorities must fully investigate the murder of a Brazilian blogger, identify the motive, and bring the killers to justice, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. The decapitated body of Evany José Metzker was found on Monday in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais, according to news reports.

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