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A new set of media regulations in China is attempting to control the growing influence of social media users. (AFP)

China’s new rules step up state control of reporting

China’s latest media regulations, issued Thursday in a bid to take some steam out of microblogs that increasingly drive the country’s news agenda, signal an increased role for the state in drafting and enforcing press standards.

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The China Internet Information Center counted 420 million Internet users in China in the middle of 2010. (AP)

China confronts Internet rumors and trashy TV

Along with cracking down on what it considers trashy TV — China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) said Tuesday that it will limit entertainment and add more news and other programs that “build morality and promote the core values of socialism” — the government is going after what it calls rumor mongers…

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China Media Project – Microblogs are crucial in China

Hu Yong’s writes on the rise of microblogs (like Twitter, which is blocked) on the Chinese Internet. Recently, when a newspaper reporter exposed related-party transactions by a listed company, local police authorities issued a warrant for his arrest. Tens of thousands of microblog posts were sent out about this incident. Users expressed their views and…

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