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Investigators examine the crime scene where Mexico journalist Juan Carlos Huerta was shot dead in Villahermosa, in Mexico's Tabasco state on May 15. (AFP/Carlos Perez)

Federal authorities in Mexico open investigation into journalist killed in Tabasco state

Mexico City, May 24, 2018–Federal authorities in Mexico have opened an investigation into the killing of radio and television journalist Juan Carlos Huerta, who was shot dead near his home in the Tabasco state capital, Villahermosa, on May 15.

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A mural in Monterrey of murdered Mexican journalist Javier Valdez Cárdenas. Mexico is the most deadly country in the Western hemisphere for journalists. (AFP/Julio Aguilar)

Mexico’s special prosecutor says FEADLE is improving, but impunity continues

For approximately two months, Mexico’s office of the Special Prosecutor for Attention for Crimes Against Freedom of Expression (FEADLE) led a nomadic existence after its building was damaged in a September 19 earthquake that killed almost 400 people in and around Mexico City. The agency now has a new home, but the natural disaster served…

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