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CPJ condemns 14-year jail sentences for Crimean journalists Osman Arifmemetov and Rustem Sheikhaliev

Paris, November 25, 2022 – In response to news reports that a Russian court on Thursday sentenced Crimean Tatar journalists Osman Arifmemetov and Rustem Sheikhaliev to 14 years in prison, the Committee to Protect Journalists issued the following statement: “The draconian 14-year prison sentences for Crimean Tatar journalists Osman Arifmemetov and Rustem Sheikhaliev demonstrate just how intent Russian authorities are on eliminating any…

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Russian authorities in Crimea order journalist Vilen Temeryanov held for 2 months on terror charges

Paris, August 25, 2022—Russian authorities in Crimea must drop all charges against journalist Vilen Temeryanov, release him immediately, and stop prosecuting members of the press in retaliation for their work, the Committee to Protect Journalists said Thursday. On August 11, officers with the Russian FSB security agency in the village of Vilne, in Russian-occupied Crimea,…

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Russian court sentences Crimean journalist Remzi Bekirov to 19 years in prison

New York, March 11, 2022 – In response to Russia’s recent sentencing of Crimean journalist Remzi Bekirov to 19 years in prison, the Committee to Protect Journalists issued the following statement of condemnation: “Russian authorities should immediately release Remzi Bekirov and all other Crimean journalists who became hostages of an occupying force in their homeland,”…

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Crimean Tatar civic journalists risk persecution to cover their community in Russian-annexed Crimea

After Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, some Crimean Tatars–the indigenous population of the Crimean peninsula–had to flee for the Kyiv-controlled part of Ukraine. But most have chosen to remain. As the Russian-appointed new authorities established blanket censorship, squeezing out independent media outlets, a new phenomenon emerged–civic journalism. Members of the Crimean Tatar community–who had not…

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