Video: A Chinese journalist’s inside view of censorship

Journalist Liu Jianfeng worked in China’s state-controlled media for nearly two decades. Eventually, frustration with the system and pressure from his colleagues prompted him to quit. He continues to report on public issues such as land grabs, and hopes to find a new model for investigative journalism in China. Jonah Kessel reports. (11:10)

Read our accompanying special report, “Challenged in China,” on the shifting dynamics of censorship and media control.

Video produced and narrated by Jonah M. Kessel
Sichuan earthquake photography by Gilles Sabrie
Music by Rhian Sheehan, “Still”
Music by Keith Kenniff, “Halving the Compass”
Production assistant and translation by Adam Wu
Wukan, Southern Weekend protest, Hebei and Beijing cinematography and photography by Jonah M. Kessel