Iraq: Background Reports 2003-09

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Heading into Danger
An Iraqi reporter must hide his profession even as he is compelled to follow its demands.
By Bassam Sebti
From Dangerous Assignments, Spring/Summer 2006

A Hostage’s Ordeal

Micah Garen thought his Iraqi captors would behead him. In a new book, he tells how journalists helped win his release.
By Maya Taal
From Dangerous Assignments, Fall/Winter 2005

Jailing Iraqi journalists

The U.S. quietly imprisons journalists in Iraq
By Ann Cooper
From Dangerous Assignments, Fall/Winter 2005

Global Radio Journalist: “Journalist Deaths in Iraq” (Real Player audio)
CPJ Executive Director Ann Cooper and journalists from BBC and Reuters discuss dangers for local journalists and foreign correspondents in Iraq.
October 6, 2005

CPJ study: U.S. military fails to probe journalist killings in Iraq
Case by case analysis (March 2003-August 2005)
September 14, 2005

Letter from Iraq
As journalists become targets more often, a reporter finds a bunker mentality taking hold
among the press corps.
By P. Mitchell Prothero
From Dangerous Assignments, Fall/Winter 2004

Under Threat: Iraqi journalists face hazards

By Joel Campagna and Hani Sabra
May 17, 2004

Permission to Fire: CPJ investigates the attack on the Palestine Hotel

By Joel Campagna
May 27, 2003


Jailing Iraqi journalists
By Ann Cooper
From Dangerous Assignments, Fall/Winter 2005

CNN’s Jordan is gone, but questions still remain about U.S. security

Commentary by Joel Campagna
From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, February 22, 2005

Al Jazeera: Leave It to Viewers
Op-ed by Joel Campagna
From the International Herald Tribune, August 4, 2004

The Press and the War on Terrorism: New Dangers and New Restrictions
Talk by Ann Cooper
Carnegie Council, May 5, 2004 (Merrill House, New York City)

Journalists in Iraq: From Embeds to Targets

Op-ed by Ann Cooper
From The Seattle Times, February 9, 2004