Zimbabwe: 1999 to the present

Twilight of a Despot: A documented record of the assault on press freedom in Zimbabwe, 1999 to the present.

COUNTRY SUMMARIES FOR ZIMBABWE: 1999  |  2000  |  2001

ZIMBABWE: Journalists’ case is referred to higher court
POSTED July 25, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Journalists’ lawyer argues for referral to higher court
POSTED July 22, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Deportation order for U.S. journalist suspended
POSTED July 17, 2002

ZIMBABWE: US journalist acquitted but ordered to leave country
POSTED July 15, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Government imposes harsh licensing fees on journalists
POSTED June 19, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Foreign correspondent on trial, risks two years in jail
POSTED June 11, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Arrests of journalists continue
POSTED May 22, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Charges dropped against journalist
POSTED May 7, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Three independent reporters arrested
POSTED May 1, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Prominent editor arrested
POSTED April 16, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Reporter released without charge after 72 hours in detention
POSTED April 1, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Jailed journalist charged under harsh new press law
POSTED March 29, 2002

ZIMBABWE: CPJ calls for release of journalist
POSTED March 28, 2002  

ZIMBABWE: Mugabe signs restrictive media bill
POSTED March 15, 2002  

ZIMBABWE: Foreign journalists denied visas
POSTED February 28, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Office of independent newspaper bombed
POSTED February 11, 2002

ZIMBABWE: CPJ disturbed by passage of media bill
POSTED February 1, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Government set to amend restrictive new media law
POSTED January 17, 2002

ZIMBABWE: CPJ condemns pending media bill
POSTED January 7, 2002

ZIMBABWE: Foreign Correspondents Association created
Posted December 13, 2001  

ZIMBABWE: New security bill may restrict independent press, state paper reports
Posted November 28, 2001

ZIMBABWE: CPJ condemns arrest of editor
Posted November 8, 2001  

ZIMBABWE: Independent press under siege
Posted August 23, 2001

ZIMBABWE: Journalist on alleged government death list summoned by police
Posted August 21, 2001

ZIMBABWE: Government grows more hostile to the press as election nears
Posted August 16, 2001

ZIMBABWE: Popular editor and three colleagues arrested
Posted August 15, 2001

ZIMBABWE: CPJ delegation visits Harare to support local press
Posted July 26, 2001

ZIMBABWE: Government bans political TV program
Posted June 6, 2001  

ZIMBABWE: Information minister fails to gag weekly paper
Posted April 19, 2001  

ZIMBABWE: CPJ calls on President Mugabe to drop defamation charges against newspaper
Posted April 6, 2001  

ZIMBABWE:  CPJ delegation meets ambassador, deplores worsening press conditions
Posted March 20, 2001  

ZIMBABWE:  Government orders expulsion of foreign correspondent
Posted February 16, 2001  

ZIMBABWE:  “Unpatriotic” newspaper bombed
Posted January 29, 2001

ZIMBABWE:   Government to silence independent papers “once and for all”
Posted November 2, 2000  

ZIMBABWE:   Soldiers assault four international journalists during riots
Posted October 19, 2000  

ZIMBABWE:   Police defied Supreme Court in raid on radio station
Posted October 6, 2000  

ZIMBABWE:  Government drags heels on private broadcast license
Posted October 2, 2000  

ZIMBABWE:  Government drags heels on private broadcast license
Posted October 2, 2000  

“Like a Walk in a Minefield”: 
Results of Zimbabwe’s parliamentary elections signal new dangers for the independent press.
By Ray Choto.

Posted July 13, 2000   [Read the report]

ZIMBABWE: CPJ protests intimidation of journalists covering election
Posted June 21, 2000   [more]   [Read CPJ’s protest letter]

ZIMBABWE:  Three journalists fined in criminal defamation case
Posted June 20, 2000   [more]

ZIMBABWE: Supreme Court dismisses charges against two tortured journalists
Posted May 23, 2000   [more]
ZIMBABWE:  CPJ condemns harassment campaign against Daily News
Posted April 27, 2000   [Read CPJ’s protest letter]

ZIMBABWE:  AP photographer arrested at site of Daily News bombing
Posted April 27, 2000   [more]

ZIMBABWE: Tortured journalists to face trial for reporting on coup plot
Posted September 28, 1999 [more]

ZIMBABWE: Military Police Torture Journalists
Posted January 23, 1999 [more]