PKK Executive Council Declares its Support for Ocalan’s Solution Proposal

Ozgur Bakis, June 3, 1999

Full support for Ocalan

The PKK supports its leader Ocalan’s proposal for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue, made during his ongoing trial at the island of Imrali. The PKK Executive Council announced that it was prepared to do everything necessary for the success of Ocalan’s efforts for a democratic solution.

The Council asked that Ocalan’s democratic solution proposals be given a chance and said that he would be using the courts as a peace platform, that he would focus all his efforts on this and that he had also based his defence on this. The Council said that in spite of a trial that had not been just and democratic, Ocalan wanted to end the bloodshed between the Turkish and the Kurdish people because of the great responsibility that he carried.

Emphasizing its determination to bring about the success of Ocalan’s efforts for a democratic solution, the Executive Council declared, “Our entire party, united and in organized fashion, is completely devoted to and is supportive of our leader’s continuing historic efforts.

Because of its historic importance, we are publishing this announcement which stresses that it would be a big mistake for Turks and other nations of the world to interpret Ocalan’s attitude as a sign of weakness, in full.

PKK Statement on the Ocalan Trial

It takes a big man to apologize

It is now two days into the trial which is considered the Trial of the Century even by those who are conducting it.The Kurdish problem and its necessary solution which is one of the dilemmas of the 20th Century has been brought to the forefront of global debates by comrade leader Abdullah Ocalan’s inclusive explanations. All political circles and media agencies are participating in this debate according to their viewpoints and their interests.It seems that comrade leader Abdullah Ocalan’s peaceful and brotherly efforts to find a democratic solution to the Kurdish problem will expand to great proportions.

It is common knowledge that our leader was brought to Turkey by means of an international scheme and a pirate operation that defied international laws. Under great psychological duress, after an interrogation that lasted three and a half months, finally the trial period was reached. And again, the great psychological pressure permeating the trial atmosphere was obvious. It was also clear that the media was being guided in a biased manner. Of course everyone would agree that it is impossible to conduct a just and democratic trial under such circumstances.

In spite of such unfavourable and unfair circumstances, comrade chairman Abdullah Ocalan, based on the historic significance of the situation and his great responsibility for our people, has developed a democratic solution of peace and brotherhood for the Kurdish problem. Asking for an end to the bloodshed between the Turkish and Kurdish peoples, he has explained his efforts in this direction pointing out his declarations of truce since 1993 and has announced that in the future, he will be living for peace and brotherhood.

Regardless of the criticism of certain circles who have not been able to benefit from the great advantages available to them, as well as the crippling lack of political power in Kurdish politics, our leader’s approach is quite worthy, inclusive and solution-oriented. His approach is extremely mature, respectful and responsible. He believes that those who fight with passion can also make true peace.

The solution that our leader has unselfishly proposed to the Government of the Turkish Republic is the only way to peace and brotherhood between the Turkish and Kurdish peoples. It is also beneficial to all the people of the world. With great solidarity and in a law-abiding manner, our entire party organisation supports and is dedicated to our Leader’s historic struggle.

As with past truce offers, the unselfish and courageous efforts of our leader and his party are not acknowledged. The deep meaning of our Leader’s words are dismissed and distorted. Though the Government of the Turkish Republic as well as neighboring countries and other countries of the world are responsible for the last century’s events that led to the present state of the Kurdish problem, our Leader is made to face families[sic]. While our Leader focuses on peace and brotherhood, those who confont him always talk of blood.

This situation must be corrected and must not be dragged out. The true responsible parties must come forward courageously. If all responsible parties, especially the Government of the Turkish Republic, respond with reason, then the Kurdish problem, which is the dilemma of the century, will be on its way to a democratic solution.

The Turkish Government is more responsible than we are for the state of affairs. Neighbouring countries, the USA and European countries are also responsible. As a matter of fact, headed by the USA and European countries, the whole world is responsible for the adversities suffered by our people and our developing national will which is personified in our Leader during his trial process. Our people and our Leader, who have suffered extensive massacres and endured great pain, are suffering still more pain through this so-called trial, Yet he bears this pain with the hope for and the belief in a sacred national salvation. However, all responsible parties must now realise the truth and fulfil their responsibilities.

The 15 years of war that created this problem reflected a global agenda and has undoubtedly led to serious damages and great suffering. While thousands of our brave guerrillas, our brave sons were martyred, thousands of young Turks also lost their lives. As our Leader has always said, if the problem had not been a big one there would not have been a drop of blood shed. But it was the enormity of the problem, and its historic nature and complexity that have resulted in such a war and such an aftermath.

Now is the time to realize the truth and approach it correctly. Our Leader’s peace proposal is one befitting great warriors. Being able to apologize is an indication of greatness and with a great sense of responsibility, he is apologizing. Keeping their sensitivities in mind, he is being respectful to the Turkish people. And yet, our people are also sensitive and have suffered. We are the ones who have experienced the greatest devastation and suffered the greatest pain. Most of the young Turkish casualties have a grave that can be visited. We don’t even have marked graves. The Turkish people should also know these facts and should show a little compassion.

Our Leader, with greatness and unselfishness befitting great leaders, has laid proposed a democratic solution to the historic Kurdish problem. It is imperative that such an unbiased and sincere attitude be understood and responded to in a befitting manner. But if the Government of the Turkish Republic and all others addressed regionally and globally interpret this as weakness, they will be making a grave mistake. As a Party, as guerrillas and as a nation, we are prepared for everything. If necessary, we can continue to fight the same way we have done for 15 years. And we are prepared for this in every way. But we say that 15 years of fighting is more than enough. We believe that prolonging the war would not be beneficial to anyone. Based on that belief, we say, ” Let us bring about a democratic solution that will create peace and brotherhood.”

While getting organised and preparing for every contingency, with an awareness of the dimensions of the situation, yet with a mature approach, within a framework of unity and sensitivity, enlisting all opportunities, we are calling our entire Party, our people and our friends, to bring about the success of our Leader Apo’s struggle for a democratic solution. –Headquarters, June 2, 1999

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