Welcome to Dangerous Assignments

Dangerous Assignments

With this issue, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) launches its online magazine, Dangerous Assignments, focusing on press freedom news from around the world. We have taken the title from our print newsletter, which will continue to be published several times a year for CPJ members and supporters. But the new online format will allow us to produce a more timely, dynamic news link for journalists and press freedom advocates. Our online news and analysis will be updated frequently, and we invite contributions from journalists everywhere.

What are we looking for? This first issue offers a sampling:

Filing From the Field will be a frequent feature, offering news on conditions for local journalists, as well as foreign correspondents, in conflict zones. In this issue, we focus on getting the story in Kosovo, and getting home safely.

Profiles, like this issue’s story on Senad Pecanin, editor and publisher of Bosnia’s leading investigative magazine, Dani.

Analysis, such as our current story on Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori’s secret war on the press.

And news from all over–like the reports you’ll find here on Mexico’s first press freedom watchdog group… on a radio station in Indonesia that’s bringing a new openess to the airwaves in the post-Suharto era… and on the public outcry in Turkey the day the government put popular journalist Ragip Duran in prison.

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